IITs will not declare their top pay packages in their placement report: consensus built

Amid concerns about the undue pressure on students during placement season, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are reportedly contemplating a shift in their placement reporting strategy. Instead of disclosing the highest annual packages, the focus may shift to presenting mean and median salary figures, according to sources. This consideration emerged during a recent meeting of the All IITs Placement Committee (AIPC), triggered by discussions surrounding IIT-Bombay’s placement report. The report initially claimed over 85 offers exceeding an annual package of Rs 1 crore but was later revised to 22 due to a “technical error.”

The AIPC, comprising heads of career development, training, and placement cells from all 23 IITs, gathers regularly to discuss recruitment experiences and challenges. The move to reconsider reporting the highest salary figures stems from concerns raised during the meeting about the potential impact on students, particularly the false expectations it may generate, especially in a year marked by subdued hiring sentiment.

IIT-Bombay’s report sparked criticism and discussions about the disclosure of the highest salary figures and their implications. Professor Debjani Mitra of IIT ISM Dhanbad, the chairperson of AIPC, confirmed that there was a consensus not to disclose the highest salary packages. She emphasized the confidential nature of offer letters and the challenges in verifying cost-to-company (CTC) packages.

The AIPC aims to establish common guidelines for the release of placement reports, with a decision expected in the next meeting scheduled for February. The move reflects a broader consideration of the potential impact on students’ mental health and the need to maintain the confidentiality of personal information between candidates and employers.

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