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Uncertainty Looms Over Judge’s Injunction Of NFL Lockout

Monday marked a touchdown for the NFL association of players which was delighted to receive US Dist. Judge Nelson, Susan Richard’s ruling to grant an initial injunction to halt the March NFL lockout imposed by league proprietors.
The US Dist. Judge who ruled in favor of the NFLPA against the NFL, made calls for the National Football League to return to normal business though the uncertainty looms over how soon that will be, if it even happens in the first place.
The potency of a court injunction includes the ability to revoke the shutout and thus make it possible for the Eagles to comfortably push for player transfers – for instance, trading in Kevin Kolb, their backing QB.
Following the injunction was a notification of appeal from the NFL side which jumped to make the filing as soon as Monday night. The league proprietors were pushing for a stay (a hold/stoppage) of the court’s injunction, and are seeking for a ruling with no hearing.
In the event that Judge Nelson declines a stay, the NFL proprietors will be seeking to appeal her ruling in a higher court, the 8th Circuit United States Court of Appeal.
Greg Aiello, spokesman for NFL, stated in an email that the owners had no intentions to commence the league until after the stay is granted. Furthermore, ground rules and regulations over player transfers would have to be drafted in order for any NFL business to get back on track…but “how soon” is yet to be known.

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