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Two men held for possessing promoting ‘penis drug’

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo men have come to face with the South African legal arm in what can best be described as an episode of sorts involving penis enlargement substances .

In Booysens South Africa, two men advertising what is believed to be a pennies enlargement medicine whose status police certified as illegal were arrested during the weekend. Police in the region confirmed that the two were caught right in the center of the act as they attempted to promote the medicine by way of posters. One of the men was seen trying to stick posters whose content clearly showed that it was meant to advertise the illegal drug. He was sticking the posters on a traffic light post at the time.

The police immediately instructed the man to lead them to his accomplices, which he did obediently and landed the law enforcers at a location in Booysens inside a house where a stock of the medicine was found packed. Initial approximation revealed that a full container of the medicine could be sold for about R300. It is in this house that the other illegal drug peddler was arrested.

Upon further scrutiny, the police were able to discover one counterfeit note with a South African denomination value of R100. The two men, all confirmed as being of foreign nationalities, are 30 and 33 years of age.

They were later charged with being in possession of illegal money in form of a South African bank note as well as causing damage to the property of the municipal council. The two suspects are scheduled to show up in the Magistrate’s court in Johannesburg where they will respond to their charges.

Counterfeit products including medicine are a common problem around the world. Most of the substances, especially drugs, are often sold to the unsuspecting population normally in secrecy.



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