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Twitter adds right to left language support

TwitterThe Twitter Translation Center is working on a language support for those languages that are written and read from right to left. This was revealed in a blog post by Twitter which indicates that Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi will be the first four languages to be worked on. The micro-bloging giant is already available in 22 languages spoken around the world. Only that all the current languages are written and read from left to right, English being the most popular among Twitter’s users. Others include French, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Filipino, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Norwegian, Turkish, Malay, Danish, English, Swedish, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Simplified¬†Chinese, German, Japanese, Dutch and Russian.

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Support for the languages currently available is all powered by the Twitter Translation Center which employs about 425,000 volunteers drawn from all over the world. Twitter explained that part of the process of providing support for the right to left languages will involve adding hashtag support. They also said that they have already managed to add features that will give users of these languages a localized experience. They have not been specific though on what exactly the said features are likely to contain.

Twitter is heavily used around the world and was very instrumental in the Arab spring that saw a number of presidents fought and driven out of office. The decision to provide support for the right to left languages, some of which are widely used in the Arab world, will give users in those regions a better platform to interact through their official native languages. Twitter promised that the support for the first four languages that are being worked on will be available for use as soon as the volunteers involved finish their translation activities on them. Official use is expected to commence by spring 2011 if all goes according to plan.

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