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Turkey Rape Bill Withdrawn

breast implantsTurkey’s ruling party has withdrawn the proposed rape bill. This basically allows men accused of sexual abuse to avoid sentence. This doesn’t sound fair at all and obviously a public uproar has merged. Even the opposition parties and civil society groups are calling for it to be cancelled immediately. I just cannot understand the democracy of withdrawing this bill. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has officially stated that the draft will be withdrawn from the general assembly of the parliament. It will be sent back to a commission for review.

The proposal would have allowed sentencing to be indefinitely postponed where sexual abuse was committed “without force, threat or deception” only if the perpetrator agreed to marry the victim. Sounds like a reasonable deal to me :lol:

“This issue will be reviewed in commission, and if there is a proposal we will review and amend it,” the prime minister stated at a news conference. “If not, we will solve the issue by taking into consideration the recommendations from the people and NGOs” he said referring to Non-Governmental Organizations.

The ruling Party’s bill drew a lot of criticism from all corners of the country and the world. It was basically seen to provide a legal basis for sexual abuse under the pretext of under-age marriages. Predictably, women’s associations jumped on the band wagon to oppose the bill. The government was of the opinion that the bill would remedy the situation of men who were sent to jail after they married girls under the age of 18, under religious consent. However,  it rejected that the plan amounted to an “amnesty for rape”.

Opponents however see it as an opportunity for Mr Erdogan to consolidate his power!

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