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Tim Burton Designs Thanksgiving Parade Balloon

Tim Burton, best known for his twisted sense of humor and dark children’s movies, has reportedly been allowed to throw his name in the proverbial hat at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Burton has made such films as A Nightmare before Christmas and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

His best films usually involve characters played by his wife, Helena Bonham Carter, or his best friend, Johnny Depp. Yet for his float in the parade, he will draw no inspiration from those close to him or his previous films. Instead, Burton has designed a balloon only known as B-Boy; a large scarred boy with razor sharp teeth and a maniacal expression, wearing red striped pajamas.

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Burton created B-Boy from leftover balloon parts used in children’s parties at a hospital in London. He claims that it was only after his creation was finished that B-Boy really came to life, expressing his personality and telling his story to Burton. Apparently, B-Boy isn’t allowed to play with other children due to his sharp teeth, quilted Frankenstein-like features, and bad habit of biting. He is rumored to have retreated to a basement lair, hiding his grotesque face from the world and dreaming of flying.

There have already been complaints directed at Burton for including a Halloween-esque balloon in a Thanksgiving/Christmas oriented parade. However, not everyone likes the typical flying turkey and Santa Clause themes of Macy’s Parade; therefore, Burton’s taking a step towards adding a bit of excitement for those who prefer to miss the parade year after year due to boring floats.

Tim Burton’s addition to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is sure to be one to remember and anticipate. With his numerous equally as dark-minded fans around the world, it’d be no surprise if the parade had more ratings in 2011 than any year previously.

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