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Tiger Woods Birdie Comeback In First Win After Scandal

Tiger Woods Sunday afternoon saw Tiger Woods finish his birdie-birdie and hence clinch his first winning since two years back when his golfing career was marred by a major sex scandal that eventually culminated into a divorce from his wife.

He made the mark at the Chevron World Challenge which saw the former golfing champion put an end to the long-running drought his career was undergoing.

Tiger Woods had gone for 26 tournaments and in 749 days without realizing any win all the while trying to restore his reputation and iconic image.

He was well known for the all-too perfect life in both the personal and golfing spheres until it all came down and seemingly trickled into his golfing edge. It was a moment of uproar when the last birdie, sent from six feet away, rolled over and finally into the cup and Tiger Woods shouted as he fling his arm in the air and thumped a fist in jubilation.

Indeed, a scene that’s been long-awaited and perhaps even unexpected going by the trend of Woods’ performance graph. Woods struck a win against a field of 18 men as he birdied the final 2 holes for three-under sixty-nine at the Sherwood Country Club. By the last remaining hour, the race to the finishing line was generally between him and Zach Johnson, former holder of the Masters title. Another win from Woods was last seen on the 15th of November in ’09 where he clinched his 82nd worldwide title at the Australian Masters.


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