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Stiff competition as new eReaders slated for the market this fall

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Even as the announcements of shipments of the latest Kindle Fire that came out recently settles down, makers of eReaders elsewhere are striking back with even more tantalizing offers.

What’s the best ereader?

There are many different opinions on this, but according to many, this is the best ereader even though it is not exactly a dedicated ereader. Why? because its features are superior to many other ereaders with eInk screens or paperwhite screens.

Another is the Kobo ebook reader which is known for its high-end smart devices for reading both in the solar and in the dark. It has already given a relight of its latest generation of e-reader that will be a High Defintion, backlit gadget which will enable users to have a more interactive reconnaissance with their favorite authors in a graphical background.

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The new eReaders will be in one release package with other cutting-edge tablets, three of which are also in the pipeline. The reading device will be prominent among this rollercoaster of digital device because of its colorful presentation and power to toggle to some of the leading sites for all things literature, audio books and nonfiction among other content niches.

Through one of its program, the device is slated to provide a platform for users to an exclusive soft book site where they will sample millions of publications in all formats, with indications that a substantial number of these are uncharged.

There are a couple more announcements for eReaders that will be rolling out in just a couple of months’ time from various brands in this market. One of these brands is giving an impression of how enjoying a novel at night has never seemed a better prospect with its backlit screen.

It seems like the idea of the backlit option is getting wildly popular with most eReaders, coming with a combined black-and-white screen together with this video enabled viewing environment.

Prices for seven and six-inch eReaders range between $100 and $200, marking a slight reduction on previous values. There are definitely more to come as one watches this space.

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