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Charles Waddington

Charlie is our senior writer and chief editor. With his strong background in the field of health sciences, he is currently the major contributor to our 'Health' category. He has held the post of chief editor in many journals and publications while in High School/College and also published scientific articles to local news papers. He has also taken a course in Periodical Journalism to improve his scientific writing skills. He is presently located in Urbana-Champaign (Central Illinois).

Email: admin [at] newssimplified.com

Molly Newton

Molly got her bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Journalism. She has over 7 years of experience in writing press releases and news. She is a also regular contributor to the local newspapers and has 'appeared' on local radio on multiple occasions. Her specialty is writing on investments, stocks and shares; thus was an unanimous pick as the editor in charge of our Finance section.

Email: molly [at] newssimplified.com

Judy Tillman

Judy has over 20 years of experience in teaching and writing about 'Business'. Her writings have appeared in a wide variety of newsletter publications. Judy is a well respected member of her local business community and her editorial skills have been tried and tested as the editor of her local visitors guide. Being a successful business woman with a natural instinct for writing, Judy single-handedly takes care of our 'business department'.

Email: judy [at] newssimplified.com

Mandy Paige

Mandy has graduated with a major in Theater and Entertainment Technology and a minor in Magazine Journalism from Michigan Tech. She has a passion for the latest gossip and Entertainment news and is an avid writer and contributes with up to date entertainment related news. 

Qualified in Shorthand, Mandy is not just a pretty face!

Email: mandy [at] newssimplified.com

Ricky Martinez

Ricky, nick named 'Ricky Martin', is the major contributor to our section on 'Shopping'. Ricky has been writing on shopping trends and the hottest products in the market since 2003. Ricky has years of Tabloid Magazine Experience and the qualifications to go with it! He has his own blog and also writes on many shopping-related websites as a guest author.

Email: rick [at] newssimplified.com

Harris Newman

Is the major contributor to the Sports & Recreation segment. Harris is an ex-professional Footballer who is on the verge of completing his Sports Journalism Course. He keeps our readers notified on the latest news related to Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and NFL among others.

Email: harris [at] newssimplified.com

Gene Murray

Is the major writer in the telecommunications category. He has been writing about telecommunication for decades B.iP (before iPhone)! With his vast knowledge about the communications industry and journalism, he writes about everything from the Gramophone to the iPhone.

Email: gene [at] newssimplified.com

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