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Sources Say an Internet Blackout has Visited upon Syria

file000665654591As the ashes turn into slime as the tug of war rages on between the Syria forces and the Free Syrian Army, unrelated reports now reveal that the country is devoid of Internet connectivity. The Associated Press reports that the blackout that occurred late Tuesday parallels that of a 48-hour blackout last winter.

The information that has hit external websites with a crash comes from security agencies that do surveillance over web connectivity, throughout the globe. A Renesys CTO in Syria, Jim Cowie, also reported that his company went inexcusably offline at about 6.25 Universal Time, Tuesday. Similar reports have accrued from global Internet giants, including Google, which reported the sabotage for the duration of 90 minutes the same day, in the evening hours.

The electronic calamity has not happened for the first time, for in gone times, the regime that is warding off rebel advances had cut the web connectivity lines in various strongholds to repel the gains. No indication, presently, is yet to indicate the source of this most recent disruption.

Umbrella Security Labs, an online safety corporation, has said that Syria has gone off the map of the global traffic, highlighting the possibility of an entire severing of the nation from the World Wide Web.

Google, which shows real-time traffic inflow throughout the planet, courtesy of its transparency data, now reveals a graph for Syria that has plummeted to zero, and is on the verge of a complete blight. The company has since displayed a disruption report that indicates that its whole package of services is lost in the country.

Umbrella Security also graphically represents the rebounds in ingress and egress traffic in Syria, corroborating Google’s chart, on the same, with a similar result. A top official with the company explains that the little egress traffic that is visible on the chart is that of the DNS server of the firm endeavoring to hit other servers unsuccessfully in the Middle-east nation.

Speculation is, however, rife that the administration has had a hand in the occasional communications debacles that have hit Syria. Cable News Network reports that in the last blackout that happened in December 2012, the Minister in charge of Information in the country had already come in the defense of the regime, claiming that  the occurrence was a result of a cut cable, but investigators went on to reject that diagnosis.

In lieu of taking responsibility, the government had reported that the Free Syrian Army, that it calls ‘terrorists’ had dismantled the lifeline cable, and thus brought down the redundancy of the information conduit that thereby led to the blackout.

The rebel forces have repeatedly employed the Internet as the means of sending images of the ongoing internal conflict. Some of the pictures that are available online include graphic photos of military aftermaths that they claim have happened in the wake of President Assad’s war machinery.

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