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Pope Francis to Visit His Predecessor, Benedict

file0001525231143-1The Vatican has released official news announcing what could as well place ink in history books as the first visit journey for Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis the First , the 266th pope of the 1 billion plus member Roman Catholic Church. The journey, coming next Saturday, will apparently lead to the Castel Gandolfo papal retreat in South Rome where his predecessor Benedict XVI is probably having some comprehensive reflections.

Pope Francis is scheduled to leave Vatican by helicopter at a time that will allow him arrive at a moment suitable enough to have lunch with Benedict XVI then thereafter head back to his official residence at the Vatican, according to the Holy See in  a Press announcement that reached media houses today.

Benedict XVI tendered his resignation on February 28 2013, a move that attracted a mix of reactions from both the global catholic followers as well as those outside the Catholic Church.  After days of succession preparations that culminated in the symbolic white smoke that signals the successful election of a new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, from Argentina in Latin America was pronounced the new pope to a mammoth crowd that filled St Peters Square with glowing faces of jubilation. This happened as millions others watched the ‘Vatican Ritual’ from television sets around the world as well as live streaming online.

The Vatican has also confirmed that the new catholic head is also scheduled to meet Christina Kirchner, the Argentine president, on the eve of the installation mass this Tuesday. Even as the new pope prepares to meet his country’s president, indications in the public domain show that Jorge Mario Bergoglio has frequently laid fundamental criticism against the Argentine president who has installed a number of liberal measures that do not find favour within the catholic institution as a church.  Some of the most outstanding measures include acceptance of contraceptives and gay marriage which the Catholic Church is fiercely opposed to, always labeling them as going against the teachings of God.

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