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Official and Royal Jubilation as News Come that Kate is With Child

crownAfter slightly more than one and half years of matrimony, the second heir to the throne Prince William and his wife Catherine (Kate Middleton) have confirmed that they do indeed await  a child to be born to them though the first three months of expectancy are not yet gone.

Kate, who is now 30 years old, had checked in at a health facility in London, Monday, suffering from morning illness, hyperemesis gravidarum. News of her actual status came just as it emerged that she was moving to a royal hospital in a couple of day’s time.

Palace reports said that the expectancy is at the knocking phase, adding that the Duchess of Cambridge will have to remain hospitalized for a while before a follow-up period of eventual rest.


News of the pregnancy drew widespread, pinpoint remarks from the political divide of the British Isles with the PM David Cameron expressing his delight at  a couple he believes will amount into great parents for the baby. Opposition head Ed Miliband was jubilant with the news and responded via Twitter of how a new comer into the couple’s life will be fantastic for the entire nation.

On the heels of this news is the more interesting implication to the effect that the new child will automatically qualify to the position of third-in-waiting in royal succession, even if she is a girl, in congruence with the bill that came in October last year removing the necessity that the successor must always be a boy in a situation where siblings are of both gender.

Before the announcement of the expectancy came from the royal palace, the Duchess had hitherto revealed few symptoms of being pregnant, and it was only in the past seven days to the news that she had appeared in a photo trotting in high shoes in a friendly hockey game inside her past educational institution.

It was not only British politicians who welcomed the news of a future bundle of joy, for online sites were rife with tweets beginning with the tagline Royal baby.


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