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New findings show e-Cigarettes can sharpen memory, whet tobacco quitting

New findings of ECigarettesThe latest findings in the niche of pleasures show that electronic cigarettes may be contributing to the retention of facts in one’s mind for they can drastically boost the ability to retain details in a thought sequence.

The study, which took place at a leading university in the capital of the United Kingdom, revealed that not only do e-cigarettes boost the memory of an individual but they whet the senses to quit the habit of smoking for at least half a year.

According to news on the findings (http://news.yahoo.com/electronic-cigarette-free-trial-kits-help-improve-memory-074449444.html), there were eighty-five respondents who participated in an experiment to show the correlation between memory and inhaling vaporized flavors. Those who inhaled a vaporized solution with some nicotine flavor underwent further experiments to gauge their emotions, smoke obsession desires and memory functions. The tests led to the deduction that not only did the users of electronic cigarettes reveal less passion for tobacco but they did have a sharpened mind.

This news is parallel to another inquiry by a university in Massachusetts that revealed that electronic cigarettes do as good as the rest of the devices and treatment cycles that are aimed at arresting the obsession with smoking.

The team that conducted the latter study cited the imitative nature of electronic cigarettes as the major contributing factor to quitting the harmful habit.

The researchers said that there is strong evidence that electronic cigarettes are now emancipating a great number of people who used to smoke earlier and hailed the brands as great tools for stopping the problem.

There are now multiple makers of e-cigarettes, each having its own flavors and different ingredients, other than nicotine, to help in what they say is a battle against tobacco.

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