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Nevada Middle School Shooting – teacher brutally shot dead and 2 students wounded.

Nevada authoNevada Middle School Shooting rities released news of a tragic incident where a 12 year old had shot down a school teacher. The incident had taken place at around 7.15am on Monday 21st October 2013, at the Nevada Sparks middle school, where a 12 year old boy had opened fire on two students. After that, when Mr. Micheal Landsberry, a 45 year old teacher tried to stop the armed boy, he was shot and killed by the gunman. Finally, the gunman had turned the gun on himself and taken his own life.

Fellow students and staff, on seeing the chaos had called 911 for help, and the officials had arrived at the scene just minutes after receiving the call.

Investigations are still underway and the exact motive is unknown, and probably will never be known. The boy’s parents liable to face charges, are co-operating with the investigations.

The shooter was armed with a 9mm semi-automatic gun belonging to his parents.  Out of respect for the family, identity of the shooter is kept confidential. The terror had lasted just a few minutes. The students wounded were both 12 year old, one shot in the stomach, the other on the shoulder. Both had returned to stable condition by Monday night. Mr.Landsberry was a much loved and dedicated teacher, and an Ex-Marine.

Nevada Sparks middle School declared school cancelled for rest of the week. All the students had been transferred to a nearby high school to meet their parents. During a press conference on Tuesday, Washoe County District Superintendent Pedro Martinez said. “I cannot express enough appreciation for Mr.Landsberry. He truly is a hero”.

Nevada Governor said in a statement, that he was deeply saddened to learn of the horrific shootings that morning at Sparks Middle school. Kathleen and he extended their thoughts and prayers to the victims and those affected by those tragic events.

This tragic event reminds us of the bitter shooting that took place in a school in New Town, Connecticut.


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