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NBA Owners Strike A Deal Players Ending 149-Day Injunction

NBATalks between the NBA Owners and NBA players commenced on Friday and it was only on Saturday, some 15 hours later, when both parties arrived at an agreement that would finally put an end to the embargo on the 149th day.

Convening for the talks were representatives of the owners and those of the players. Representing the owners were David Stern, the commissioner and his deputy, Adam Silver (who is also the owner of the San Antonio Spurs), together with Peter Holt (chief of work relations). League leaders were also accompanied by the group’s lawyers: Dan Rube and Rick Buchanan.

The NBA players were represented by officials of the trade association: the president – Derek Fisher, the deputy president – Kevin Murphy, and the chief – Billy Hunter. Also present was the lawyer representing the association of players, Ron Klempner.

The commissioner of NBA Owners, David Stern, expressed their optimism that the NBA season would come to fruition on the 25th of December. He further explained that all other pending arrangements would be left to parties’ corresponding attorneys for the deal to mature.

Some of the pending issues include: lawsuits filed by the NBA players against the league of NBA owners (all of which must first be resolved), the reorganization of the player’s union, and other issues such as the players’ code of conduct and drug screening.

On the 14th of November, the NBA players disbanded the union following their rejection of the proposal brought to the negotiating table by the NBA owners.





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