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Microsoft Scheduled To Release New Office

MicrosoftMicrosoft Executives speaking at an event in San Fransisco and Barcelona have indicated that the company is scheduled to release new Windows versions covering the software giant’s three main products namely Office 15, Windows 8 and Windows server.

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Office 2010 has already sold 200 million copies since it was introduced in the market, and Microsoft is now working on the 15thversion of the program to factor in the growing demand for mobile computing. Windows server is largely used by enterprises to operate their in-house data centres. Both Windows and Office have generated huge success for the software company, with these particular products running on over 1 billion personal computers around the world. New versions of theses systems are aimed at taking the company’s business platform to the fast growing mobile computing world which is equally promising to present even more exciting business opportunities.

President of the Microsoft Office division, Kurt DelBene, said these developments are all about expanding the desktop experience. Kurt was speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, where he also revealed that the Office version is dubbed “build 15″ or Office 15, a beta version that will come out this summer. He described it as the biggest Office release the company has ever done and will be released simultaneously with the other server and desktop software services.

The new version of Office is created to work on ARM processors, a product of ARM Holdings PLC. It will also include the Metro interface that first featured on Windows Phone 7 operating system by Microsoft. DelBene observed that the new version is a no compromise product that will work perfectly on the tablet, tailored for a touch environment-letting it deliver on the go. It will feature a mouse and keyboard to operate with spreadsheets and documents.

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