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Miami Heat Pull Off 105-94 Against The Wizards

The American Airlines Arena in South Florida, Miami, saw a face-off between the Washington Wizards and homeboys, Miami Heat on Monday night.
The MVPs for the night were LeBron James who managed to earn his team 30 points, and Dwayne Wade who topped up another 26 points granting the Miami Heat team a 105-94 lead score against the Washington Wizards.
Within the first half of the game, James had bagged 20 points and Wade’s additional 15 points came in the game’s third quarter.
It’s been a dismal season for the Washington Wizards who have not only been short of wins far from home, but yesterday’s game also marks the 5th time that they have lost to their opponents with a score difference of doubled digits.
While the Wizards’ coach may not be beaming, Erik Spoelstra, Miami Heat coach, certainly has enough reasons to considering that this was his 100th victory in regular seasons in just the 182nd game.
Conspicuously missing from the Wizards’ wing was John Wall, their top draft pick, who’s missed his second consecutive game following a right-knee injury. Other miss-outs included Al Thornton (ankle injury) and Yi Jianlian (knee injury). The Wizards pretty much worked with a rotation of 7 players for most of Monday night’s game.
It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for coach Spoelstra and James, who’s been repeatedly described as “uncoachable” by game critics. Commenting on his shoulder-jerk with “Spo”, LeBron termed it as “incidental contact” and Spoelstra disagreed that it signaled LeBron’s disrespect.

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