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Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication – National Mall in Washington

marting luther king jrThousands of people gathered outside the National Mall in Washington on Sunday, October 16, for the memorial dedication of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. People from all walks of life, every culture, and every corner of American gathered before the statue today to hear popular figures talk of King’s life and contributions. Among them were King’s oldest sister, Christine King Farris, and American president, Barak Obama. The journey for all Americans was address in Obama’s dedication speech as he stressed the importance of King’s remembrance, as a leader, an African American man, and an American citizen.

The granite statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was set to receive dedication back in August of this year, but due to the Earthquake and the impending threat from Hurricane Irene, the service was postponed. The granite walls of the statue features quotations taken directly from King’s many liberating speeches, while King’s figure appears to be stepping out of the granite with his head held high.

Many speakers described the dedication service as a mark in history; a day comparable to the March on Washington and King’s infamous “I Have a Dream” speech. The monument originally constructed by an American-Chinese man, caused uproar several months ago for those who deemed King’s speech “unimportant.” The specifics of the sculptor were also placed under scrutiny, as he was being raised in China at the time of King’s mission. However, the message the sculptor wished to portray was, “we’re all equal, regardless of where we’re born.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial dedication took place on a clear day with skies blue and cloudless. Every generation was present; from those with walkers, to those in strollers, proving King’s message still means something. On October 16th, America declared through the memorial dedication that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream has been fulfilled.

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