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Man’s Best Friend Celebrated for Helping in the Aftermath of Sandy

Aftermath of SandyIt is not often that heroic acts come from the animal kingdom but today, New Yorkers, on the more westerly side of the island of Manhattan are talking of nothing short of an extraordinary act by a canine following the devastation of super storm Sandy. A few weeks after forceful winds hit the metropolis, the dog, Midnight by name, is finally getting recognition from the locals for the efforts of helping in meeting the humanitarian needs of the area just after the floods had set in.

The dark-furred dog chipped in a paw here and there to help the brigade that was supplying rations to a flood-stricken residence with one thousand people inside, in this business hub of New York City.

Apparently, Midnight is not experiencing his very initial weather challenge as he was raised in a southern state during the onset of Katrina, one of the most destructive hurricanes in US history. After the floods displaced her, the canine went on a northward projectile, where as fate would have it, found her in the midst of yet another natural disaster.

The current owner of Midnight is Peter Marrero. He spoke to a local channel about the brave role his dog played in the rehabilitation of those who had to take in supplies.

Pets Doing Well

Following the exemplary example of Midnight on survival for the fittest, pets in the NYC who were caught up in the lashes of the storm are also getting on with their lives, after 76 conservatories for domestic animals welcomed some of those that suffered displacement.

Animal welfare groups and other federal organizations maintained an inspirational drive, through Twitter, mobilizing pet owners to take their charges to particular animal conservatories while also giving ideas to those who stubbornly felt safer with them on how to get through the crisis. Indeed, this avid social networking helped keep about four hundred pets in shelter around the Big Apple.

While this was happening, three time zones away, on the West Coast, San Diego conservatories were welcoming a load of 60 canines (including cats) from the East Coast. The plane carrying them jetted into the city in the latter part of November and the safe arrivals are now awaiting incorporation into a ranch in Santa Fe.

Ironically, some of the animals had come from safe shelters in the NYC that had suffered a blackout during the time that Sandy cut power cables in the city.


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