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Malala Claims no Personal Vendetta against Taliban at UN Address

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt a United Nations’ address to teens and the Assembly that included the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Malala Yousafzai, the girl who survived a Taliban shooting has revealed that she has no personal vendetta against the Taliban and talked of pacification.

Malala said that she does not take a hard-line stand against the gunmen who shot her alongside another girl duo in a school bus months since, and even if they stood before her gun-wielding hand, she would not do anything hurtful to them.

Reminiscing on the eventful day of autumn of 2012, when hooded militia got her inside a school vehicle, Malala directed that out of the smoke of the shots she and her friends received came out multiple voices rather than the silence the terrorists had expected.

Her Message to the International Community

Malala asked global leaders who attended the briefing, which apparently fell on the day she turned 16 that they ought to keep a lookout on children’s rights, maintain equality, as well as, foster education. This is in tandem to her career of learning activism that has earned her a sniper’s target.

In her own words, the 16 year-old turned to ‘governments’ to eradicate terror acts, as well as, give guarantee of security to little ones against brutal acts. This is despite the fact that the Taliban has reiterated to assassinate her, of which threat she vows of having no fear.

At the conference was one of the supporting voices behind the education cause, the former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who retold the young girl’s grim story, revealing how she had to be flown from Pakistan to England for advanced care, and that in juxtaposition, she now stood before the UN assembly requesting for leaders to continue her cause.

Malala said that despite the repeated threats from the Taliban, she has become even stauncher for defending rights such as to education.

In what seemed like a pacification call, she included the children of the terror group based in Afghanistan and Pakistan in her call for education for all. Behind her vow was a feminist edge, in the sense that she is defending the cause for justice for women, because the fairer sex ‘suffers the most.’.

The above reference has earned Malala possible candidature for the Nobel Peace Prize. Fittingly on her address to the assembly, she was donning a arment whose original owner was Benazir Bhutto, who also suffered assassination in her heyday as Prime Minister. Ban Ki-moon who has since received a signed booklet from millions calling for unilateral education opportunities for even girls has referred to Malala as a hero.

Since the foiled attempt on her life, Malala has already established a kitty in her name seeking to support women and children who are also suffering the same cultural neglect in their countries.

The teen activist now resides in Birmingham, the United Kingdom.

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