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Google Launches Chrome For Android Smartphones

 SmartphoneMultinational search giant Google has officially introduced Chrome for Android smartphones. Google says the Chrome browser gives users a personalized browsing experience which they can move with wherever they want to go. Communication and Public Affairs manager for Anglophone West Africa, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, said that favourite websites as well as bookmarks will be automatically synchronized to the user’s Android smartphone, and to any other computer anywhere on the planet.

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The manager explained that the new product will enable users to get all chrome features right on their mobile phones, including fast search. This experience is made possible by features like Instant Pages, the simple layout where Chrome’s omnibox acts as a search box and an address bar, as well as the ability to get into private browsing through the Incognito mode.

Chrome for Android will also stack web pages in a format similar to a deck of cards, letting users to easily shuffle between all open tabs. It also makes it possible for users to view web pages they may have left open in the office or at home; or better still send certain web pages that they can read later, even when there is no phone signal.

Chrome for Android essentially makes it easy for users to take their web to all the places they go to. This means that users will continuously get hold of the stuff that matters to them, without having to wait until they get to their computers or laptops. It also makes it much easier to share content and files among friends and family.

The current move to launch Chrome for Android smartphones is no a doubt another move by Google to entrench itself in the search market which is currently dominated by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Another fierce competition that Google is facing is driven by Firefox from the Mozilla Foundation, the not for profit organization that seeks to consistently offer the most flexible and friendly browser.


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