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eReaders eclipsing printed books in the United States

EreadersOne of the more novel chapters that readers may have to contend with, in their book-thumbing pleasures, is that the printed word may be a thing of the past if the current eReaders tide can serve as a guiding light.

Findings in the US show that the average ardent book lover in the country will finish fifteen paperbacks in twelve months. However, the same minority would finish twenty-four novels in the same period, if they use eReaders.

One of the contributing factors for the wild popularity of tablets as reading formats is the fact that they encourage one to go on due to the software and the friendly contrast of the reading background to the eye. All these features are helping book lovers to cultivate a literate culture even more.

This is not astonishing, regarding the fact that the more user-friendly an experience is, the more it becomes ingrained in the reader. He or she even starts to take a more purposeful approach to the pleasure. In this assertion, eReaders win hands down over the often bulky hardcover.

The US situation puts books in a weak light in comparison with eReaders due to the fact that the latter have continuously received high possessiveness rates in the country in 2012. Reports are now showing that twenty-nine percent of the grownups have a tablet for reading.

Statistics for this year also show that the number of people in the United States who now engage in the e-book culture has increased by approximately double the margins that were apparent in the previous year.

The situation is not different in the rest of the globe where some three million e-Readers went on sale in different nations, showing that the bug of learning in an aided format is gripping the enlightened of this world by the throat.

Even as this news comes out, there are some interesting automated functions that users have espied in their eReaders that are worthy of consideration. A story in the Wall Street Journal indicates that these gadgets can now know the length of time a reader spends in a page, chapter or entire story.

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