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Electronic cigarettes becoming popular among celebrities

electronic cigarettesLiam Hemsworth is the latest celebrity to be ‘seduced’ into the electronic cigarette bandwagon, adding to the  growing list of celebrities that have been encouraged to turn to e-Cigs perhaps as a way of quitting tobacco  smoking. The celebrities are being advised to make a move and try out what is quickly becoming the most  revolutionary alternative to traditional tobacco smoking, the e-Cigs.

In this article published in the Digital Journal , some  electric cigarette companies have already spotted the huge marketing opportunity that rests with  celebrities. Indeed a good number of e-Cig companies are now encouraging smoking celebrities to  part ways with what the article describes as the “cancer stick” to what we can perhaps term as  the “cancer free” gadget?

According to a report carried by UK’s Daily Mail, Liam  was apparently spotted enjoying a cigarette in New York city. The report explained that the actor  was in the process of filming the “”Empire State”, a new movie he is working on. He was smoking  during the movie filming sessions.

Not to let the star walk down the path of smoke-generated health complications, Solar Cigarette,  an electronic cigarette company, seized the opportunity and said that Liam together with his  fiance need to quit the habit. In passing the message to the actor, the e-cig company advised  that there are several ways of quitting smoking, with electronic cigarettes leading the way as the  best alternatives. The core reason for fronting e-cigs is that unlike tobacco cigarettes, the  gadgets do not burn tobacco, the absence of which eliminates the production of carcinogen that is  dangerous both to the active smoker as well as the passive smoker.

A liquid nicotine is the main component that operates an electronic cigarette, giving smokers the  ability to control the levels of the e-cig vapour they can take in at any time. But health  experts have warned that just like any other product in any industry, not all electronic cigarettes are safe for consumption. To this effect, consumers need to exercise caution when purchasing  electronic cigarettes. In particular, they should evaluate the reputation of the manufacturing  company with a view to determine the specific ingredients used in the production of the given e-cigarette.

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