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Documentary Follow-up Scheduled for Obama’s America Film

White houseThe makers of the film Obama’s America are said to be working on another documentary as a follow-up to the film. According to information reaching media outlets, the film is expected to lay critic on Obama’s attitude to the super nation that he leads.

Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative author, is the creative behind the fresh documentary that will go by the name ‘America’. The film has already been announced at a conservative conference, March 16, in Washington DC. John Sullivan, the core-director of the first film (2016: Obama’s America), will direct the new documentary while D’Souza will do what his talent permits best-writing.

The documentary, America, will seek to claim that Obama’s view of the country is that of an aggressive force, a force for good in the global scene. The master writer D’Souza has revealed that he intends to shape the documentary along the line of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, a 1946 classic by Frank Capra where George Bailey finds out what the universe could have probably been in the absence of the United States.

According to D’Souza, Obama views America as a force that is too oppressive which is contrary to what he (D’Souza) and millions more think. D’Souza feels that America has been an outstanding blessing to its own citizens and millions of people around the world.  You cannot get it wrong if you guess that D’Souza’s new film will achieve tremendous success, especially if his past success is anything to go by. 2016: Obama’s America glossed $33.5m (£22.1m), second only to Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore, which pulled $222m (£146.8m). The new film by D’Souza will apparently put out an argument to the effect that the president is anti-American especially because his Kenyan father Barack Obama Snr. was an anti-colonialist and would have probably influenced his son-the American president.

The Roots of Obama’s Rage, a book by D’Souza, was the basis for 2016.






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