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Disgraced Ex-Governor Makes Comeback in Primary South Carolina House Seat

presidential debateDespite having come a close second in a survey by a pollster, 14 days earlier, a once-scandalous South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford, has regained a seat that he once held in 1995, years before he went on to clinch the governor job, sources reveal.

Mr. Sanford, who is 52 years, won the May 7 race of the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina, beating the favorite for the seat, Ms Colbert Busch, who is in business, by a margin of 54 against 45 percent in poll results. The election took place under special circumstances after the ex-congressman, Tim Scott, won a special appointment to the senate in Washington D.C. thus leaving the seat empty.

Left in Disgrace

The last two terms but one of the South Carolina governorship were in the behest of Mr. Sanford, before he fell out with the electorate for having hidden details about an affair that marred his final days at the job. In the wake of the extra-marital case, the congressman had claimed instead that during the time of the sexual allegation he had been on the Appalachian Trail.

The qualms of that experience are not likely to deter the new congressman for this district that is popularly Republican, for the man himself admitted lack of perfection, and thankful to ‘a God,’ who offers more than just the second chance but a plethora more, up to the ‘eighth chance.’

While citing his imperfection as a man, he revealed interest in representing his district in the House of Representatives and ‘doing something’  about the spending that is currently at the heart of Washington D.C. politics.

Ms Colbert Busch, a Democrat, accepted the defeat gracefully, by citing that the will of the people had made manifest their desire and she respected their show of preference. This occurred in a brief session, late Tuesday. On the sidelines, television cameras showed Mr. Sanford acknowledging cheers by followers, while asserting that they had done their duty by sending a messenger to alter the course of affairs in the nation’s capital.

The closeness of the race shows that the election was hardly fought, and even colorful, despite the fact that the Democrat desert of not winning in the 1st Congressional District South Carolina has stretched from the beginning of the 1980s.

Interestingly, while on the campaign trail, Mr. Sanford had requested for political redemption that he obtained eventually when he plummeted to the top with this impressive election win.

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