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Cyber Monday Kindle Fire Deals? Will Amazon Discount the Kindle Fire Finally?

Amazon Kindle Fire Cyber Monday DealsEverybody was hoping that Amazon would discount their latest multimedia tablet, the Kindle Fire, on Black Friday. Didn’t happen! The question now is, will they discount it on Cyber Monday and have a Cyber Monday Kindle Fire Deal? Amazon did give a handsome 32% discount on a different Kindle eReader, but that’s not quite the Kindle everybody was hoping for.

It has been speculated that Amazon loses anywhere between $3 – $9 on each Kindle Fire at a price tag of $199. If these speculations are correct, Amazon will be at further loses should they provide a Kindle Fire Cyber Monday Deal (or hopefully a Cyber Week Deal that will last all week long).

Amazon Kindle FireCan Amazon give a Cyber Monday Deal on the Kindle Fire?

In theory they can! They are already taking a gamble by selling it for a few dollars less than the cost of production (provided the speculations are correct). Even though they’re selling it at an initial loss, the idea is to ultimately make that loss (and tons more) back in the long run. The Kindle Fire or any other tablet or computer is worth nothing without content. Content is indeed KING when it comes to these multimedia tablets. Where does the content come from? The content comes from… you guessed it right… Amazon it self! While some content is free (e.g. free Kindle eBooks), others are not. You would buy content from Amazon in the form of their ‘Amazon Prime Membership’, ‘Kindle eBooks’, their music store, app store and etc. etc

More customers means more long term profits

If that is their philosophy, their intention should be to get more and more customers under the huge umbrella named the Kindle Fire and then to sell them services and goods and make profits in the long run… a sales funnel as they call it. With such a philosophy, they wouldn’t mind shaving off a few more dollars in exchange for a larger customer base to whom they can sell goods and services at a later point.

Considering these (further) speculated ‘observations’, don’t be surprised if they shave off a few more dollars off the Kindle Fire. Right now we have no idea, only time will tell!

The Kindle Fire may not be on sale right now, but one other Kindle eReader certainly is (32% discount). You may either love this deal or have absolutely no interest on this Cyber Monday Kindle Deal.

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