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Cyber Monday Apple iPod Touch and iPod Nano Deals on 16GB and 32GB 4th, 5th and 7th generation models

Apple iPod Nano 16GB Pink Cyber Monday saleMusic touches all our lives regardless of age, sex, race, culture, language etc. etc. Almost all of us own at least one MP3 player be it an iPod or not. iPods, the grand daddy of MP3 players are on sale today, Cyber Monday. Considering that over 350 million iPods have been sold to-date, it would not be fair if iPods did not go on sale on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. In fact, there were quite a few Black Friday iPod Deals that we earlier talked about. As anticipated by many, there are some decent Cyber Monday 2012 iPod deals today.

Over 20% off on the Best Cyber Monday iPod Deal

The Best Cyber Monday iPod Deals are on the iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB and the iPod Nano 7th generation 16GB models. There are also some other ‘minor’ discounts (less than 6% off) on other models such as the Apple iPod touch 32GB (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL, Apple iPod touch 64GB (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL, Apple iPod shuffle 2GB NEWEST MODEL.

Here’s where to find the discounted iPod models

  1. Apple iPod touch 32GB (4th Generation) – Go to this page and scroll down until you find the Apple iPod touch 32GB (4th Generation). Currently, it’s at #11 in the list, but that may change by the time you visit the page. At the time of writing this (9pm CST Cyber Monday, 2012) the discount was over 20% of the list price.
  2. iPod Nano 16GB (7th generation) – Go this this page and you’ll see the 7th generation iPod Nano 16GB in multiple colors like Silver, Purple, Blue, Green and Slate. You will also see other iPods on sale here like the 5th Generation Apple iPod touch 32GB, 5th Generation Apple iPod touch 64GB and iPod Shuffle models as well.

Cyber Monday iPod Touch Deal 32 GBApple iPod touch 32GB Black (4th Generation)

Something we observed with regards to this model is that the 8GB version is more expensive than the 32GB iPod Touch today. The 4th generation 16GB iPod Touch is cheaper than the 32GB 4th generation, so if you don’t need all that capacity, you may want to consider that and save some money today! Also something you may want to consider is whether you want a Black iPod touch or White iPod touch. Both are available for the 32GB model and make sure you pick the correct one before you check out.

iPod Nano 16GB 7th generation Cyber Monday 2012 dealApple iPod nano 16GB Pink (7th Generation)

This is available in multiple colors like Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Silver and Slate. The discount is not too much, but considering that most of you won’t have to pay taxes (when purchasing from Amazon) and the fact that you get free shipping, even this small Cyber Monday Discount adds up.

Will these Cyber Monday Deals continue through the Cyber Week or will they end at the strike of mid-night today? There’s only one way to find out! Whether you want to take that chance or not, is entirely up to the consumer!


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