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China the 42nd Destination of IPad Mini, iPad 4

ipadApple has three items on its distribution line this winter in the Far East including the iPad Mini, iPad 4 and iPhone 5, with the first two making their all-important landing in the most populous nation on earth this holiday season.

The destinations that iPad Mini and the larger 9.7” iPad 4 have already reached include the United States and the UK, in all 42 nations. This means that the biggest market for smart gadgets, China, may be a surprising newcomer in receiving the devices firsthand.

Apple has not given a reason for the delay, but noted that the iPhone 5 will make its landfall in the Orient by the 14th of December 2012, despite having been retailing in 47 destinations around the globe already.

Sketchy details have emerged, with no specific date as yet of the availability of the two iPad models, big and small, prior to the aforementioned date in both the Chinese Internet and physical retail venues. The initial models will be the Wi-Fi ones, for as for now, the electronics maker has not broached upon the possibility of availing the versions that have affinity for micro cell phone cards.

Some sources are saying that actually the devices will usher China into the iPad Mini and iPad4 epoch early enough. The sources are quoting the benefits that the products are about to bring to the maker, which already vaunts a 15% part of its entire returns for the financial 12-month period that culminated in September 2012, to have come from the Chinese market alone.

Though the latest version of Smartphones by Apple has not gained market agility in the Orient, the outgoing iPad has continued to hold sway of the Chinese tablet consumer base, with 71% of all sales going to this sleek product at the expense of the country’s Lenovo, with its new line of affordable hardware devices.

It will be interesting to observe how the iPad Mini will receive a natural reception in China. Will it be like in the rest of the world where the 7.9” with Light Emitting Diode backlit screen device got off to a slow start before gaining headway, chiefly for its minimalist specs in comparison with the larger iPad 4? .


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