Twitter effects updates on BlackBerry App

Twitter has made updates on its official BlackBerry App platform, adding more support features for multiple accounts among others. The app, which has been in beta for a long period, is freely available as an update from the BlackBerry App World. It contains new features including the ability for users to share tweets with BBM™ […]

Mozilla recruiting mobile engineers

Mozilla, the not for profit organization that manages Firefox, is reportedly hiring engineers to specifically focus on the mobile platform that is quickly growing and largely dominated by commercial corporations such as Google and Microsoft. Before Mozilla was founded back in 1998, the browsing market was ruled by Internet Explorer which controlled over 90% of […]

Chrome could be catching on Firefox

Chrome, the Google powered browser, is apparently catching on Firefox as the second most used browser in the global browsing market. Some industry analysts and firms focused on monitoring the browsing trends across the world have indicated that Chrome is increasingly gaining prominence among internet users, and is now projected to be at the verge […]

Windows Phone Turned Xbox Remote Controller

You can now use your sleek Windows Phone as a remote controller for your Xbox 360 thanks to a new app update on the dashboard. The application which is dubbed, “Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone” will not just act as a remote controller via your Windows smartphone, but will also enable users to filter through […]

AT&T Breakup With T-Mobile Costs $4 Billion

When AT&T filed for a merger with T-Mobile via the FCC, they probably didn’t anticipate a change of heart, and an expensive one at that. Following the AT&T application for a merger through the Federal Communications Commission in what would be a major deal worth $39 billion, AT&T later sought to withdraw the application and […]

Nexus Bites The Icecream Sandwich: Google’s 4.0 Android

So much for a sandwich is Google’s Android 4.0, (“Icecream Sandwhich”) which sandwiches an array of top-notch specs, promising to take mobile operating systems to a higher level. So aptly named, the Icecream Sandwich ver. 4.0 already has the Droid fraternity raring to upgrade. This latest installment from Google’s Android house of embedded /mobile operating […]

Russian Space Capsule Soyuz Touches Down In Kazakhstan

The Russian-made space capsule, “Soyuz”, touched down safe and sound in Kazakhstan. The space capsule which was jetting from the International Space Station arrived early Tuesday morning at the snow-capped prairies in Kazakhstan, not far from the targeted landing point. The Soyuz was sailing in space for a total of 165 days, after which it […]

Earlier Americans Killed Mastodons!

American’s initial population has been subject for debate for centuries. One theory suggests foreign discovery, while others believe Native Americans came to be by crossing the frozen Strait that separated 2 lands before our country was known as America. They were known as the Clovis people; a group of early settlers dating back 13,000 years […]

An Additional 25 Million Sony Users Could Be Affected By 2nd Data Breach

The online security woes of Sony Corp. were elevated on Monday following the company’s revelation of a data breach affecting an additional 25 million Sony users on the Sony computer game system in what was the second large-scale data breach to hit the electronics manufacturer.   Sony estimated that personal data for about 24.6 million […]

Symantec Findings: Cyber Attacks Shot Up 93% In The Year 2010

A recent report released on Tuesday by Symantec Corp., an authority name in software security solutions, revealed that the day-to-day volumes in cyber attacks or (internet-based attacks) had shot up 93% between the years 2009 and 2010.   The Symantec analysis, dubbed the ‘Internet Security Threat Report’, found that cyber attacks had grown in terms […]

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