India’s first interplanetary spacecraft heads to Mars

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM),  India’s first ever interplanetary spacecraft fired its main engines early Sunday morning and took off Earth’s orbit on its journey to Mars. The MOM, also known as Mangalyaan is set to cruise for 680m km (422m miles) on its 300-day journey, and is expected to reach its target on 24 […]

The Largest-known Spiral Galaxy in the Universe was discovered ‘Accidentally’

NGC 6872 may have been a giant among giants in space, as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) already showed. But this was before an accidental discovery, courtesy of the ultraviolet probe via Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) telescope, confirmed it to be in fact the biggest spiral galaxy known to man. What is even […]

Cisco introduces vide surveillance

Cisco has announced the introduction of virtualized video surveillance software that will be used on its Unified Computing System platform for government or enterprise operated video deployments. The new software is packaged in different ways to appeal both to large data center deployments as well as simpler branch office establishments. On a large setting, it […]

Microsoft Scheduled To Release New Office

Microsoft Executives speaking at an event in San Fransisco and Barcelona have indicated that the company is scheduled to release new Windows versions covering the software giant’s three main products namely Office 15, Windows 8 and Windows server. [widget class="text" id="16"/] Office 2010 has already sold 200 million copies since it was introduced in the […]

Google Launches Chrome For Android Smartphones

Multinational search giant Google has officially introduced Chrome for Android smartphones. Google says the Chrome browser gives users a personalized browsing experience which they can move with wherever they want to go. Communication and Public Affairs manager for Anglophone West Africa, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, said that favourite websites as well as bookmarks will be automatically synchronized […]

Facebook Expresses Willingness To Reveal Details Of Stored Data

Facebook has shown willingness to reveal enough details pertaining to the kind of user information it stores. This follows a push by a student privacy group based in Australia. The group has consistently insisted that Facebook should disclose the details and be in perfect conformity to the privacy laws of Europe. Seemingly under pressure, Facebook […]

Twitter adds right to left language support

The Twitter Translation Center is working on a language support for those languages that are written and read from right to left. This was revealed in a blog post by Twitter which indicates that Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi will be the first four languages to be worked on. The micro-bloging giant is already available […]

Novell’s lawsuit against Microsoft dismissed

A US $1 billion antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft has been dismissed by a Salt Lake court following failure by the jury to arrive at a verdict. In the lawsuit, the multinational software and services firm Novell had accused Microsoft of leading it (Novell) into creating WordPerfect, the once famous writing software for Windows 95, only […]

Student from New York admits hacking into Facebook

A student from New York has accepted he did a Facebook hack that prosecutors have described as ‘most effective and egregious example of hacking..’, the Telegraph reported on Thursday. The student, Glenn Steven Mangham, age 26, pleaded guilty to interfering with the security of Facebook between April and May 2011. The case was heard in […]

Microchip co-inventor Robert Noyce honored with Google Doodle

Google commemorated what would have been the late Robert “Bob” Noyce’s 84th birthday with an appropriate version of its doodles – the Google logo on a microprocessor- on its homepage. Noyce, affectionately referred to as “mayor of Silicon Valley,” was credited with the co-invention of the integrated circuit, which led to the development of microprocessors […]

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