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Tiger Woods Birdie Comeback In First Win After Scandal

Sunday afternoon saw Tiger Woods finish his birdie-birdie and hence clinch his first winning since two years back when his golfing career was marred by a major sex scandal that eventually culminated into a divorce from his wife. He made the mark at the Chevron World Challenge which saw the former golfing champion put an […]

NBA Owners Strike A Deal Players Ending 149-Day Injunction

Talks between the NBA Owners and NBA players commenced on Friday and it was only on Saturday, some 15 hours later, when both parties arrived at an agreement that would finally put an end to the embargo on the 149th day. Convening for the talks were representatives of the owners and those of the players. […]

Spain vs Argentina: Rafael Nadal To Spearhead Spain

The Davis Cup final will see a clash of the Titans typically known for soccer, only now on a tennis court where Spain meets Argentina. Spearheading Spain’s side will be Rafael Nadal while David Nalbandian will be Argentina’s flag bearer. Spain sailed swiftly through the semi-finals when Nadal flagged off a 4-1 win against France, […]

Tim Burton Designs Thanksgiving Parade Balloon

Tim Burton, best known for his twisted sense of humor and dark children’s movies, has reportedly been allowed to throw his name in the proverbial hat at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Burton has made such films as A Nightmare before Christmas and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. His best films usually involve characters played […]

Sponsor Confidence Compromised By FIFA Misconduct Allegations

The governing body for football, FIFA, has recently come under a swamp of all manner of allegations from bribing, to corruption and impropriety.   During a heated press conference that didn’t end well, FIFA’s president, Sepp Blatter came out referring to the governing body’s recent spate of accusations as mere “difficulties”, refuting any claims that […]

Red Devils To Go Head-To-Head With Barca In Champions League Final Game

Manchester United beat Schalke 4-1 at London’s Wembley Stadium, with an aggregate score of 6-1 which will see the English Premier League team go head to head with Barcelona on May 28th when the final game of the Champions League will be held at Wembley.   Wednesday night’s match between the Devils and Schalke saw […]

Uncertainty Looms Over Judge’s Injunction Of NFL Lockout

Monday marked a touchdown for the NFL association of players which was delighted to receive US Dist. Judge Nelson, Susan Richard’s ruling to grant an initial injunction to halt the March NFL lockout imposed by league proprietors. The US Dist. Judge who ruled in favor of the NFLPA against the NFL, made calls for the […]

Vikings: Brett Favre yet to pass test to play against Lions

Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre still hasn’t passed the neurological test he needs, so as to make his return following a nasty concussion he recently got. But the interim Vikings coach, Leslie Frazier, said that he was holding out hope that Favre can play in Sunday’s season finale at the Detroit Lions.   He said there […]

Miami Heat Pull Off 105-94 Against The Wizards

The American Airlines Arena in South Florida, Miami, saw a face-off between the Washington Wizards and homeboys, Miami Heat on Monday night.   The MVPs for the night were LeBron James who managed to earn his team 30 points, and Dwayne Wade who topped up another 26 points granting the Miami Heat team a 105-94 […]

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