States to specify level of basic health benefits

The Obama administration shall leave it to each state, instead of the federal government, to define its own “essential health benefits” that insurance companies will have to provide in the plans they will offer to consumers beginning 2014. “The proposal reflects our commitment to giving states the flexibility they need as they set up their […]

Annual Survey shows decline in teen smoking, rise in teen pot use

Alcohol and cigarette consumption among teens is down to its lowest spot in 30 years, but the accessibility of medical marijuana seems to be increasing the shift to pot use according to the Monitoring the Future report, the annual survey of the National Institutes for Health. One in four or 25 percent of the 47,000 […]

Young adults without health insurance down by 2.5million

The Obama administration is scheduled to release a report this week which will show that 2.5 million more young adults got health insurance after the law on health care overhaul took effect. That number is 2½ times more than private and government projections from earlier this year, which showed about 1 million Americans in the […]

Salmonella-infected cilantro being recalled in seven States

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported the ongoing recall of cilantro in seven states after some samples tested at distributor level were found positive for Salmonella.  The distributor, Pacific International Marketing, a California food company, has voluntarily issued the recall of 6,141 cartons in seven states. The FDA added that they and Pacific are closely […]

Obama supports morning-after pill restriction

President Obama said at a White House news conference that he supported HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ overrule of a Food and Drug Administration decision to allow young girls below 17 years of age to buy emergency morning-after contraceptives even without a prescription. The morning-after pill, called Plan B One-Step, is already available to women 17 and […]

FDA, FTC warn against weight loss products containing HCG

The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have ordered seven companies to stop marketing over-the-counter, unapproved weight loss products containing human chorionic gonadotrpin (HCG), a fertility hormone from the human placenta. The warning letters were issued to the following companies:  Nutri-Fusion Systems LLC; HCG Platinum, LLC; Natural Medical Supply;; and HCG Diet […]

Obama, Bush agree in fight against HIV/AIDS

President Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush agree when it comes to fighting HIV/AIDS.  During his term, in 2003, Bush created the $15 billion U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to help other countries in the prevention and treatment of the disease. After five years, the U.S Congress increased funding for PEPFAR […]

Climatic Sensitivity To Carbon Dioxide Emissions Overrated

Contrary to earlier indications, a recent study found that the effects of increased CO2 emissions into the atmosphere may not have as adverse an impact on the global climatic conditions as previously implied. Though the sensitivity of global climates to atmospheric carbon dioxide is overrated, the scientists were however quick to point out that radical […]

Four Culprit Drugs Sending Seniors To Hospital In Thousands

A recent health study has found that diabetes meds and blood thinning drugs are the major causes of hospitalization among thousands and thousands of seniors in the US. The medications were indicated to be primarily two drugs for diabetes and two others that act as blood-thinning meds—and not any of the commonly abused painkillers that […]

Self-Harm Linked To Suicide In Young People

The act of self-harming seems to be alive and well in the heart of millions of teenagers, according to a new researcher’s study. One in twelve young people engage in acts of self-mutilation; whether those acts are cutting, burning, odd DIY piercings, or anything else that would be considered harmful to their bodies. However, a […]

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