WHO confirms 10 cases of Polio in Syria after 14 years

The U.N.’s health Agency declared on Tuesday, that it confirms an outbreak of polio in Syria. This is the first outbreak of the disease in Syria in 14 years. 22 children were affected with acute flaccid paralysis, which is the symptom for a number of different diseases, out of which one is polio. 10 were […]

Concussion management – Give the brain more time to heal before getting back to academics

A new clinical report by The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that student Athletes who have suffered a concussion need more time to heal before returning to academics. The report released this Sunday 27th of October at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL was titled  “Returning to learning following a concussion”.  […]

Much ado about everything as the fifth Psychiatry ‘Bible’ is out

The controversy continues to blight the release of DSM-5, alternatively the Psychiatry ‘bible,’ with the authority behind the edition, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), receiving the butt’s end of a fusillade of commentary over alterations in the preceding edition. APA’s serving president, Doctor Jeffrey Lieberman defends the publication that has been in the offing since […]

Two men held for possessing promoting ‘penis drug’

Two men have come to face with the South African legal arm in what can best be described as an episode of sorts involving penis enlargement substances . In Booysens South Africa, two men advertising what is believed to be a pennies enlargement medicine whose status police certified as illegal were arrested during the weekend. […]

Man’s Best Friend Celebrated for Helping in the Aftermath of Sandy

It is not often that heroic acts come from the animal kingdom but today, New Yorkers, on the more westerly side of the island of Manhattan are talking of nothing short of an extraordinary act by a canine following the devastation of super storm Sandy. A few weeks after forceful winds hit the metropolis, the […]

New findings show e-Cigarettes can sharpen memory, whet tobacco quitting

The latest findings in the niche of pleasures show that electronic cigarettes may be contributing to the retention of facts in one’s mind for they can drastically boost the ability to retain details in a thought sequence. The study, which took place at a leading university in the capital of the United Kingdom, revealed that […]

Chinese suppliers ship e-cigarettes to US as holiday season nears

One of the largest makers of e-cigarettes in the Chinese mainland has announced that it will be shipping its brands to retailing outlets in the US, with their charges at a peak low, due to their determination to penetrate the market using coupons. This comes at a time when executives of various electronic cigarettes’ companies […]

Electronic cigarettes becoming popular among celebrities

Liam Hemsworth is the latest celebrity to be ‘seduced’ into the electronic cigarette bandwagon, adding to the  growing list of celebrities that have been encouraged to turn to e-Cigs perhaps as a way of quitting tobacco  smoking. The celebrities are being advised to make a move and try out what is quickly becoming the most  […]

HIV discovery is top scientific breakthrough in 2011

An HIV discovery from clinical trials of researchers led by a scientist at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill was called by the journal Science as the most important scientific breakthrough of 2011. The discovery was that early anti-retroviral drugs treatment significantly reduced by about 96 percent the risk of transmitting HIV from infected persons. […]

US government asks scientists not to publish all details of lab-bred bird flu

The U.S. government made an unprecedented move of asking scientists last December 20, not to publish the complete details of how they created a variant of the deadly bird flu that can pass easily between ferrets. “It wasn’t an easy decision,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, infectious diseases chief at the National Institutes of Health, which […]

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