Pope Benedict XVI Declares Resignation, Receives overture from European Leaders

After his tenure at papacy for above eight years, Pope Benedict XVI, otherwise known as Josef Aloisius Raitzinger, has tendered his resignation from the highest post in the Catholic Church, citing advanced-age fatigue as the reason for the surprising decision. He will be the fourth Pope to have stepped down during his term. The Pope, […]

Ahmadinejad’s Egypt tour riddled with Sectarian Protest

After thirty years of a diplomatic hiatus, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has become the first leader, for that long, to pay a visit to Egypt amid tensions from Sunni sectarians opposed to his Shiite-aligned policies. A local news agency released a video that depicted the Iranian leader getting familiar […]

Syria humanitarian Crisis Worsening, Assad on the brink

Though she passed no message across during her brief weekend touchdown in Syria, UN Humanitarian representative Valerie Amos later remarked in the Davos World Economic Forum that the situation in the Middle East country is on the edge of the cliff. She said that the humanitarian case for Syria is in the catastrophe stages , […]

It is an all-star lineup at President Obama’s Second Inauguration Ball

Among the most poignant moments at thes second swearing in ceremony was the caper that he and First Lady Michelle Obama took when waltzing to the classic blues piece “Let’s Stay Together’’ by Al Green. As the two proved that it takes two to tango, Jennifer Hudson guided them through a solo rendition of the […]

The State of Adoption: Puttni Postpones law on American Godparents

Only weeks after Russia’s President Vladimir Puttni ratified the law restricting any American to adopt a child from the country after January 1, 2013, the state has postponed the ratification until 2014. The announcement was however in a guarded tone, for as Dmitry Peskov, the President’s spokesman advised, the law is still under implementation and […]

Obama on First Grade School Shooting Shocker: “Intolerable”

On Friday the previous week, and only a week or so to Christmas, the Governor of Connecticut Dannel Malloy had to put up courage enough to inform parents of kids, the oldest of whom barely seven, that their angels were among the 26 victims of a gunman at Sandy Hook school. The twenty-year old gunman, […]

Italian technocratic PM ready to step down after Berlusconi desertion

Following the revelation that the Center-right party of former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi no longer supports the current administration by the technocratic Prime Minister Mario Monti, the latter has talked of resignation in time for election in less than 90 days’ time. Even as this news emerges, it is still unclear if Mr. Monti, whom […]

Trigger-happy sides on the Middle-East Conflict Respect Ceasefire Friday

In an agreement that has left the new President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi a hero of sorts, the Middle-east ceasefire that he helped mediate has continued to hold on its second day running, since the Israelis and the Palestinian militants agreed on 2100hrs Egyptian time, Thursday night, to stop the latest debacle of war between […]

China’s President-in-Waiting carries with Him Communist Party Dilemmas

Xi Jinping is now at the helm of the top brass of the Communist Party as well as its military wing, a decision that came to bear on November 14 of the year. Just as he is about to inherit the stewardship of the country from the current leader Hu Jintao, the party head has […]

U.S. payroll tax-cut gets two-month extension

The U.S. Congress passed a two-month extension of the Social Security payroll tax cut eight days before its scheduled expiration. The approval assures that over 160 million Americans will be spared from an additional two-percentage point payroll tax next year. The tax-cut extension will mean that the average employee will not be paying an additional […]

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