Trump Changes Policies?

Donald Trump seem to have changed his script yet again Tuesday. He appeared to shift his stance on at least two major issues. They are about torture and you guessed right.. climate. Trump’s ironclad belief that the USA must withdraw from the international climate change accord suddenly wasn’t so ironclad, a signature promise of his […]

26 dead in Indian train fire

Nearly 26 people are reportedly dead due to a fire that broke out in an overnight express train in southern Andhra Pradesh, India. The estimated death toll includes two children. The fire is said to have taken place in an air-conditioned carriage of the ‘Nanded-Bangalore Express’ around three in the morning Indian time, possibly due […]

23 killed by suicide bombings in Beirut

At least 23 people are reported to have been killed by 2 suicide bombings that took place on Tuesday near the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon. According to Lebanese Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil about 146 were wounded. Lebanese officials are said to have security footage of an individual wearing a belt with explosives running towards […]

US Government Shutdown: Obama to miss APEC Summit

As the US Government ceased all non-essential operations on Tuesday, President Barak Obama has cancelled his participation at the Asia–Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) meeting in Indonesia due to the government shutdown. On Tuesday, Republicans refused to approve a budget unless Barak Obama delayed his healthcare reform. This disagreement of Obama and Democrats has paved the […]

Malala Claims no Personal Vendetta against Taliban at UN Address

At a United Nations’ address to teens and the Assembly that included the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Malala Yousafzai, the girl who survived a Taliban shooting has revealed that she has no personal vendetta against the Taliban and talked of pacification. Malala said that she does not take a hard-line stand against the gunmen who […]

US Decision To Feed Guantanamo Inmates Verging on Kafkaesque Scenario

Just a week after the United States’ authorities obliged to observe daylight feeding protocols during the Muslim Holy Month that began this Monday, but with no concession to halt force-feeding of inmates that Islam clerics had demanded, clerics are now calling the decision as Kafkaesque,  probably in reference to the short story, ‘The Hunger Artist.’ […]

Snowden Sparks Off Diplomatic Tiff Involving US, China, Russia

Over the penultimate weekend of June, a manhunt turned awry for the United States, after Edward Snowden managed to jump ship into Russian territory despite an earlier move by Washington to deny him US visa to travel from Hong Kong, a state that would have been conciliatory to the US demand to extradite the whistleblower. […]

It is Edward Snowden: Man who Leaked That US Intelligence was Spying Profiles Comes out

June 10 saw what seems like a diplomacy tiff, in coming days, kick start, as the man behind the recent leaks to two newspapers, on the two sides of the Atlantic, on how the United States Intelligence has been collecting data, indiscriminately, over the Internet and phone calls, has revealed himself as Edward Snowden, now […]

Disgraced Ex-Governor Makes Comeback in Primary South Carolina House Seat

Despite having come a close second in a survey by a pollster, 14 days earlier, a once-scandalous South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford, has regained a seat that he once held in 1995, years before he went on to clinch the governor job, sources reveal. Mr. Sanford, who is 52 years, won the May 7 race […]

Documentary Follow-up Scheduled for Obama’s America Film

The makers of the film Obama’s America are said to be working on another documentary as a follow-up to the film. According to information reaching media outlets, the film is expected to lay critic on Obama’s attitude to the super nation that he leads. Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative author, is the creative behind the fresh […]

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