Rights Activist and Shia Clerics Receive Travel ban From Saudi Authorities

The Saudi Arabian authorities have imposed a travel ban on a human rights activist alongside three Shia clerics. This is seen as a continuation of efforts to rein in on those seen as criticizing the regime. Three clerics were on Sunday barred from traveling from the United Kingdom. The three, namely Sheikh Heidar al-Saeed, Sheikh […]

Pope Francis Exhibits Initial Signs of a Pontiff so Down to Earth with a Heart for the Poor

The Thursday preceding Good Friday in the Easter season is normally referred to as Holy Thursday in the Catholic calendar. And so when the 2013 Holy Thursday knocked and time came for the Pope’s day’s routine to take off, it astonished many around the world that one of the activities lined up for Pope Francis […]

Putin Extends Inviting Hand to Netanyahu

Vladimir Putin, the current Russian President who has also served as the country’s Prime Minister and still as President earlier on, has signaled that an invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is indeed in order. An official revealed from Israel on condition of anonymity. The invitation was delivered in form of a letter with […]

Pope Francis to Visit His Predecessor, Benedict

The Vatican has released official news announcing what could as well place ink in history books as the first visit journey for Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis the First , the 266th pope of the 1 billion plus member Roman Catholic Church. The journey, coming next Saturday, will apparently lead to the Castel Gandolfo […]

Schmidt to Pay Visit to Myanmar

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is scheduled to make a visit to Myanmar in a move most analysts see as part of a wider strategy to try and bite a pie of the market presented by the country’s 60 million population. The Google executive is expected to be en-route to Myanmar, a country that is […]

It’s cut to the chase as Wednesday presidential debate nears

In the run up to the Wednesday debate between the top tier candidates on both the Democratic and Republican sides, Mitt Romney and President Barrack Obama have changed tack and now attack closer to the wound than ever before. There is always that lull that comes in the final days of a party donation campaign […]

Symantec accused of scareware tactics

Symantec has been sued by a Washington resident for misrepresenting the effect of errors discovered by some of the company’s PC utility products.  Symantec apparently used scareware tactics to lead users into buying licenses for some of its products. The complaint was filed on Tuesday in a California court on behalf of a Symantec customer […]

Ford plans to open research lab in Silicon Valley

Automaker Ford is planning to open a research lab in Silicon Valley, a move it hopes will help it attract the best tech talent and help it stay competitive in the market. The company announced that it will base the new lab in Palo Alto California, near Stanford University in the next few months. It […]

Apple’s iPhone shipments predicted

Investment firm Susquehanna has indicated that technology giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is likely to ship about 30.3 million iPhones this quarter, having adjusted the figures from its earlier forecast of 27.1 million. Susquehanna also predicted that Apple Inc will sell an estimated 111.4 million iPhones across the 2012 fiscal year. An analyst at the firm […]

Apple charged 900,000 euros by Italy’s antitrust body

Italy’s antitrust authority announced on Tuesday it has fined US tech giant Apple 900,000 euros ($1.8 million) for misguiding consumers on post-purchase help and product warranties. [widget class="text" id="16"/] The authority explained in a statement that the fine was imposed on Apple as punishment for unfair commercial practices that have consequently harmed innocent consumers. It […]

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