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New world record set for most number of bridesmaids for a bride

Big fat Sri Lankan wedding boasts 126 Bridesmaids If the bride’s bouquet was thrown at the end of wedding, there were 126 ladies waiting to catch it. A Sri Lankan couple has broken the Guinness World Record for the most number of bridesmaids for a bride with an astounding 126 bridesmaids. The wedding was that […]

Nintendo all set to release new Wii Mini in US for $99.99

Following its launch in Canada and UK earlier this year, Nintendo has announced that a modern version of the classic Wii game console is set to launch in the US this holiday season. The new version called Wii Mini comes with the Mario Kart Wii game and costs only $99.99. It is scheduled to hit […]

Britney reveals artwork on her upcoming Album ‘Britney Jeans’ and confirms release of new single ‘Perfume’.

Britney is all set to release the much awaited album of 2013 on 3rd December. It is her eighth studio album and is titled “Britney Jean”. Jean is actually her middle name, its Britney Jean Spears. She has also confirmed that her next single, ‘Perfume’, will be out on 5th of November in the US, […]

Miley Cyrus on Saturday Night Live

While hosting “Saturday Night Live” last weekend, Miley Cyrus, mentioning about her former Disney character Hannah Montana, said that she was murdered. The show opened to a post-apocalyptic New York City at 2045 with Kenan Thompson and Noel Wells, creating a totally changed atmosphere with Miley’s tongue showing. “Most folks say it was the government […]

Revelations Uncover Blanket as Only Natural Child of Michael Jackson

A confidante of the late Michael Jackson has resuscitated debate on the paternity of MJ’s  little ones after revealing that the  entertainer had merely a single kid he could claim as his own naturally, namely Blanket, the last born. ‘Wacko Jacko’ apparently delegated the rest of Blanket’s siblings to a father of his choice, meaning […]

Kanye West Birthday Party in New York City with Superstars but no Kim Kardashian

Kanye West flew to the NYC to inaugurate his birthday, the 36th, alongside Jay-Z and Beyonce, among other hip-hop stars, but his expecting favorite, Kim Kardashian was not in party this Saturday. Various papers across the United States reported on her absence as to do with her pregnancy, which is entering its final phases, for […]

Convalescing Jolie Makes a Comeback to the Public Sphere on Pitt’s Film Premiere

Sunday saw the dual appearance of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the global debut of the movie, World War Z, a production of Pitt, an incident that drew wild cheers from the masses on either side of the dark carpet on which the two stars walked. They went on ahead to give autographs to […]

Oldest Person To Scale Everest Says Never Again as Rival Seeks to Topple the Record

It was Thursday of the previous week that Yuichiro Miura, a Japanese of eighty years of age, broke the record that he had lost half a decade since to a Nepalese resident, to become the world’s first octogenarian to make it to the top of the world. Mt. Everest has been a jealous mountain for […]

Guitar Synonymous with John Lennon and George Harrison Sells for $408000

An instrument that enjoyed a last hurray with the Beatles’ guitarist, George Harrison, and once had a video showcase featuring one of the band’s arch maestros, John Lennon, has sold Sunday, in New York, at $480000, representing more than four times the value it had garnered in an earlier auction on the other side of […]

Space Oddity’ Gets unprecedented rendition from Space

For the first time in the history of a song, man has broken spatial barriers and given a rendition of the same in space, as Commander Chris Hadfield did to David Bowie’s aptly-titled Space Oddity but which many know as ‘Ground Control to Major Tom.’ The incumbent resident commander at the International Space Station, who […]

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