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Snowden Sparks Off Diplomatic Tiff Involving US, China, Russia

Over the penultimate weekend of June, a manhunt turned awry for the United States, after Edward Snowden managed to jump ship into Russian territory despite an earlier move by Washington to deny him US visa to travel from Hong Kong, a state that would have been conciliatory to the US demand to extradite the whistleblower. […]

Sharif Takes Over the Reins of Power in Pakistanis First Democratic Poll

No one would have thought that the man former military leader of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf ousted from his post as Prime Minister, would return and win a crucial election that has resuscitated self-determination abilities of Pakistanis. More so, Nawath Sharif is slated to win even a majority vote when the tally culminates. Stipulations of […]

Rights Activist and Shia Clerics Receive Travel ban From Saudi Authorities

The Saudi Arabian authorities have imposed a travel ban on a human rights activist alongside three Shia clerics. This is seen as a continuation of efforts to rein in on those seen as criticizing the regime. Three clerics were on Sunday barred from traveling from the United Kingdom. The three, namely Sheikh Heidar al-Saeed, Sheikh […]

Pope Francis Exhibits Initial Signs of a Pontiff so Down to Earth with a Heart for the Poor

The Thursday preceding Good Friday in the Easter season is normally referred to as Holy Thursday in the Catholic calendar. And so when the 2013 Holy Thursday knocked and time came for the Pope’s day’s routine to take off, it astonished many around the world that one of the activities lined up for Pope Francis […]

Documentary Follow-up Scheduled for Obama’s America Film

The makers of the film Obama’s America are said to be working on another documentary as a follow-up to the film. According to information reaching media outlets, the film is expected to lay critic on Obama’s attitude to the super nation that he leads. Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative author, is the creative behind the fresh […]

Schmidt to Pay Visit to Myanmar

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is scheduled to make a visit to Myanmar in a move most analysts see as part of a wider strategy to try and bite a pie of the market presented by the country’s 60 million population. The Google executive is expected to be en-route to Myanmar, a country that is […]

Ahmadinejad’s Egypt tour riddled with Sectarian Protest

After thirty years of a diplomatic hiatus, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has become the first leader, for that long, to pay a visit to Egypt amid tensions from Sunni sectarians opposed to his Shiite-aligned policies. A local news agency released a video that depicted the Iranian leader getting familiar […]

Syria humanitarian Crisis Worsening, Assad on the brink

Though she passed no message across during her brief weekend touchdown in Syria, UN Humanitarian representative Valerie Amos later remarked in the Davos World Economic Forum that the situation in the Middle East country is on the edge of the cliff. She said that the humanitarian case for Syria is in the catastrophe stages , […]

The State of Adoption: Puttni Postpones law on American Godparents

Only weeks after Russia’s President Vladimir Puttni ratified the law restricting any American to adopt a child from the country after January 1, 2013, the state has postponed the ratification until 2014. The announcement was however in a guarded tone, for as Dmitry Peskov, the President’s spokesman advised, the law is still under implementation and […]

Obama on First Grade School Shooting Shocker: “Intolerable”

On Friday the previous week, and only a week or so to Christmas, the Governor of Connecticut Dannel Malloy had to put up courage enough to inform parents of kids, the oldest of whom barely seven, that their angels were among the 26 victims of a gunman at Sandy Hook school. The twenty-year old gunman, […]

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