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Jumbo jet lands at wrong US airport

A large Boeing 747 Dreamlifter cargo plane of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc. (AAWW) landed at the wrong airport Wednesday night after takeoff from New York’s John F. Kennedy airport. Although it was heading for McConnell air force base in Wichita it accidentally touched down instead at the Colonel James Jabara airport located 9 miles […]

A glitch in Walmart’s website causes electronics worth of $600 to drop down to $8.85

A glitch in Walmart’s website on Wednesday morning, sent shoppers racing to order goods online. The apparent glitch caused some of the items listed with price tags of $600 down to an absurd $8.85. The erroneous items included electronics such as a 24-inch high definition Viewsonic computer monitor, an Infocus IN2124 digital projector and many […]

Apple iPad Air vs Google Nexus 10: 2 Decisive Specs

The much awaited iPad Air, the 5th generation Apple iPad, is finally here. The official release date was Friday the 1st of November 2013. Something that was unique this year was the fact that it was available for $479, that is $20 less than list price, at Walmart, BestBuy, Staples and Target. Walmart started all […]

Concussion management – Give the brain more time to heal before getting back to academics

A new clinical report by The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that student Athletes who have suffered a concussion need more time to heal before returning to academics. The report released this Sunday 27th of October at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL was titled  “Returning to learning following a concussion”.  […]

US Decision To Feed Guantanamo Inmates Verging on Kafkaesque Scenario

Just a week after the United States’ authorities obliged to observe daylight feeding protocols during the Muslim Holy Month that began this Monday, but with no concession to halt force-feeding of inmates that Islam clerics had demanded, clerics are now calling the decision as Kafkaesque,  probably in reference to the short story, ‘The Hunger Artist.’ […]

It is Edward Snowden: Man who Leaked That US Intelligence was Spying Profiles Comes out

June 10 saw what seems like a diplomacy tiff, in coming days, kick start, as the man behind the recent leaks to two newspapers, on the two sides of the Atlantic, on how the United States Intelligence has been collecting data, indiscriminately, over the Internet and phone calls, has revealed himself as Edward Snowden, now […]

Much ado about everything as the fifth Psychiatry ‘Bible’ is out

The controversy continues to blight the release of DSM-5, alternatively the Psychiatry ‘bible,’ with the authority behind the edition, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), receiving the butt’s end of a fusillade of commentary over alterations in the preceding edition. APA’s serving president, Doctor Jeffrey Lieberman defends the publication that has been in the offing since […]

Sources Say an Internet Blackout has Visited upon Syria

As the ashes turn into slime as the tug of war rages on between the Syria forces and the Free Syrian Army, unrelated reports now reveal that the country is devoid of Internet connectivity. The Associated Press reports that the blackout that occurred late Tuesday parallels that of a 48-hour blackout last winter. The information […]

Two men held for possessing promoting ‘penis drug’

Two men have come to face with the South African legal arm in what can best be described as an episode of sorts involving penis enlargement substances . In Booysens South Africa, two men advertising what is believed to be a pennies enlargement medicine whose status police certified as illegal were arrested during the weekend. […]

Obama’s Second Inauguration: The 44th US President Revisits Pillars of Democracy

Symbolically, by wielding two Bibles from the 1800s and Mid-1960s, President Barack Obama put up a stunning celebration of democracy that left a crowd of more than 800000 that attended the Capitol Hill inauguration event inspired. Though the initial swearing in, four years back, registered two million people in the same grounds, yesterday’s function was […]

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