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A Moment of Silence For Tucson Shooting, Monday 11 AM Eastern Time

Jared Lee Loughner, the gunman who randomly shot 20 people at a meeting that was held with Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona’s Republican senator, was charged on Sunday for attempting to assassinate Giffords, and for murdering a chief magistrate, Giffords’ aide, and four other people.   Loughner was held down by attendees of the meeting, and was […]

A Revamped Look For Facebook

The socialite network, , underwent a major overhaul that has left more worried than excited. The revised edition permits users to showcase important experiences such as sports teams, political organizations; and invaluable friends by creating designated groups, for instance, family and best or closest friends from the friends list.   Atop the page is a […]

Facebook To Face ‘Winklevii’’ Faces Yet Again

Quoting lack of total disclosure on the net worth of Facebook as the primary reason for their discontentment with the 65 million dollars received in their 2008 lawsuit, the Winklevoss twins are pressing fresh charges against Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.   Facebook apparently traces its origins to initial works done courtesy of the twins. […]

Facebook To Patent The Word “Face” As Their Trademark

The giant in social networking, Facebook Inc., will be edging nearer to having “face” as their trademark. Though Facebook will soon be patenting word “face”, they will not really restrict anyone from using the term.   Their legal encounters with the US patenting and trademarks department office will only pertain to telecommunication applications and services […]

Study Finds Overly Text-Messaging Dangerous For Teen Behavior

A new study has found that increasingly common tendencies of “over-text-messaging” and “over-social-networking” amongst teenagers elevated the chances of indulging in risky habits like underage alcohol consumption, smoking, as well as increased sexual activities.   Teens that end up sending over 120 text messages on a schooling day can be said to be “over-text-messaging”; while […]

Google Obstructs Facebook From Importation Of Gmail Contacts

Google have enacted a barrage against Facebook stating that they will cease permitting the popular social network from accessing and retrieving Google contacts on the Google mailing service, Gmail.   For several years since the integration of Facebook with Google contacts, users would be able to conveniently sift through their Gmail contacts and invite their […]

Over 50 Killed At Iraq Church In A Face-Off With Iraq Security Forces

A bloody face-off ensued late Sunday at a Baghdad Catholic Church where Iraqi security forces pounced on the church claiming the lives of about 30 congregating worshippers, and a total of about 52 people.   Gunmen, suspected to be linked to Al Qaeda, had earlier stormed into the Catholic Church and held the worshippers captive […]

China’s Supercomputer Now The World’s Fastest Computer

From China comes the world’s fastest working supercomputer making China the current worldwide leader in high-tech computerization. The fastest computer, dubbed Tianhe-1A overtakes the power and potential of the supercomputer that the US had created.   Tianhe-1A, which steals the crown from US, is capable of handling over 2500 trillion computations per second, formally denoted […]

News Corporation Withdraws Fox TV From Cablevision SystemsNews Corporation Withdraws Fox TV From Cablevision Systems

News Corporation has withdrawn its Fox TV broadcasts to Cablevision System, locking out about 3 million Cablevision viewers in Philadelphia and New York. This comes after a discord between the two parties on the charges for programs like “Glee” and “American Idol”.   The affected channels that will no longer be airing are: New York’s […]

Verizon Prepaid Bundles Now Available For 3G Smartphones

Verizon customers, and especially the cost-mindful ones, can now enjoy limitless prepaid monthly data bundles on their 3G Multimedia phones and Smartphones that are free from long-term contracts.   In an announcement made on Thursday, Verizon Wireless announced that they would be increasing their prepaid bundles portfolio so as to incorporate the newly unveiled 3G […]

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