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Turkey Rape Bill Withdrawn

Turkey’s ruling party has withdrawn the proposed rape bill. This basically allows men accused of sexual abuse to avoid sentence. This doesn’t sound fair at all and obviously a public uproar has merged. Even the opposition parties and civil society groups are calling for it to be cancelled immediately. I just cannot understand the democracy […]

AK47 designer Kalashnikov dies at 94

Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the infamous AK47 Kalashnikov assault rifle passed away on Monday, at ninety-four years of age. According to a report from the BBC he had been receiving medical attention for internal bleeding since November. His death took place in a hospital in Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurtia republic, east of […]

Disgraced Ex-Governor Makes Comeback in Primary South Carolina House Seat

Despite having come a close second in a survey by a pollster, 14 days earlier, a once-scandalous South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford, has regained a seat that he once held in 1995, years before he went on to clinch the governor job, sources reveal. Mr. Sanford, who is 52 years, won the May 7 race […]

Italian technocratic PM ready to step down after Berlusconi desertion

Following the revelation that the Center-right party of former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi no longer supports the current administration by the technocratic Prime Minister Mario Monti, the latter has talked of resignation in time for election in less than 90 days’ time. Even as this news emerges, it is still unclear if Mr. Monti, whom […]

Electronic cigarettes becoming popular among celebrities

Liam Hemsworth is the latest celebrity to be ‘seduced’ into the electronic cigarette bandwagon, adding to the  growing list of celebrities that have been encouraged to turn to e-Cigs perhaps as a way of quitting tobacco  smoking. The celebrities are being advised to make a move and try out what is quickly becoming the most  […]

Braxton is dating again, cautiously though!

Toni Braxton is apparently dating again, and this time round she is insisting she will be taking matters slowly with her new found love. The star singer is said to have been seeing her new man for about a month now and says she will not be rushing into anything so serious. And on matters […]

Amazon criticized for price reporting promotion

Amazon.com, the online retailing giant, was called “anti-competitive” for implementing a promotion that encourages consumers to enter stores without buying anything and reporting back the prices they found. The promotion requires participants to use Price Check, a new mobile application to find and compare the in-store prices of other retailers. In return, the deal participant […]

Jobless Rate Lowest since March 2009

In spite of a yet another European debt crisis and signs of a slowing down economy in China, the unemployment rate in the USA has dropped last month to 8.6%. That’s as low as the jobless rate has been in two and a half years, suggesting that the American economy may be getting better. For […]

Cyber Monday Kindle Fire Deals? Will Amazon Discount the Kindle Fire Finally?

Everybody was hoping that Amazon would discount their latest multimedia tablet, the Kindle Fire, on Black Friday. Didn’t happen! The question now is, will they discount it on Cyber Monday and have a Cyber Monday Kindle Fire Deal? Amazon did give a handsome 32% discount on a different Kindle eReader, but that’s not quite the […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication – National Mall in Washington

Thousands of people gathered outside the National Mall in Washington on Sunday, October 16, for the memorial dedication of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. People from all walks of life, every culture, and every corner of American gathered before the statue today to hear popular figures talk of King’s life and contributions. Among them were […]

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