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Cyber Monday Deals Week Toy Deals – KidKraft and Barbie Doll houses on Sale

Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the USA. This year, Black Friday happened to be towards the very end of November, specifically, the 29th. Some of the most anticipated deals are on toys, video gaming consoles, and electronics like HDTVs, laptops and tablet computers. This year, there were hefty price […]

The Largest-known Spiral Galaxy in the Universe was discovered ‘Accidentally’

NGC 6872 may have been a giant among giants in space, as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) already showed. But this was before an accidental discovery, courtesy of the ultraviolet probe via Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) telescope, confirmed it to be in fact the biggest spiral galaxy known to man. What is even […]

The enigma grows of how Mayan Calendar works after world Fails to End on 21st December

The dawn of December 21 first hit the eastern rims of the world comprising of Philippines and Fiji with no galactic incident. This is despite the high preparation, early Friday, in what used to be the Central America’s Mayan hinterland. Apocalyptic spiritual leaders prepared shells, incense and other effects in anticipation of the culmination of […]

Black Friday Deals on KidKraft, Barbie, Fisher Price Doll Houses, Toys, Furniture

It is common knowledge that toys are one of the most shopped for gift items on Black Friday. Doll houses and toy furniture are some of the most popular girls’ toys during the holiday shopping season. Among dollhouses, it is no secret that the best doll houses are from brand names such as KidKraft, Barbie, […]

Microchip co-inventor Robert Noyce honored with Google Doodle

Google commemorated what would have been the late Robert “Bob” Noyce’s 84th birthday with an appropriate version of its doodles – the Google logo on a microprocessor- on its homepage. Noyce, affectionately referred to as “mayor of Silicon Valley,” was credited with the co-invention of the integrated circuit, which led to the development of microprocessors […]

Climatic Sensitivity To Carbon Dioxide Emissions Overrated

Contrary to earlier indications, a recent study found that the effects of increased CO2 emissions into the atmosphere may not have as adverse an impact on the global climatic conditions as previously implied. Though the sensitivity of global climates to atmospheric carbon dioxide is overrated, the scientists were however quick to point out that radical […]

Black Friday GPS Deals – Garmin Nuvi and TomTom GPS on Sale Black Friday Week

Black Friday is not only known for home electronics like LCD HDTVs, 3D TVs and home theater systems, but also for smaller electronic devices like GPSs. Right now there are five great Black Friday GPS Deals you don’t want to miss if you are on the look out for a GPS. The Top 5 Black […]

Russian Space Capsule Soyuz Touches Down In Kazakhstan

The Russian-made space capsule, “Soyuz”, touched down safe and sound in Kazakhstan. The space capsule which was jetting from the International Space Station arrived early Tuesday morning at the snow-capped prairies in Kazakhstan, not far from the targeted landing point. The Soyuz was sailing in space for a total of 165 days, after which it […]

Tim Burton Designs Thanksgiving Parade Balloon

Tim Burton, best known for his twisted sense of humor and dark children’s movies, has reportedly been allowed to throw his name in the proverbial hat at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Burton has made such films as A Nightmare before Christmas and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. His best films usually involve characters played […]

Groupon Snubs Google Inc.’s Offer Of Close To $6 Billion

Groupon snubbed an offer of about 6 billion dollars for the acquisition of the company. Groupon, which is based in Chicago, has been existence for just over 2 years and have been offering great money-offs through online discount coupons.   The company executives have chosen to keep Groupon as an independent company with the possibility […]

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