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Thursday Thanksgiving Meets Black Friday

Major stores are cashing in big on an earlier-than-expected Black Friday with Thanksgiving only hours old—and the turkey’s still roasting! The big names, which include Sears, Amazon.com, Toys ‘R’ Us, Gap, Wal-Mart, are making a run for your money, although of course with discounts that are more than welcome and pocket-friendly. As numbers have it, […]

Spain vs Argentina: Rafael Nadal To Spearhead Spain

The Davis Cup final will see a clash of the Titans typically known for soccer, only now on a tennis court where Spain meets Argentina. Spearheading Spain’s side will be Rafael Nadal while David Nalbandian will be Argentina’s flag bearer. Spain sailed swiftly through the semi-finals when Nadal flagged off a 4-1 win against France, […]

Self-Harm Linked To Suicide In Young People

The act of self-harming seems to be alive and well in the heart of millions of teenagers, according to a new researcher’s study. One in twelve young people engage in acts of self-mutilation; whether those acts are cutting, burning, odd DIY piercings, or anything else that would be considered harmful to their bodies. However, a […]

Yoga Poses Ease Chronic Back Pain

When most people hear the word ‘yoga,’ images of contortionists accomplishing impossible feats of flexibility immediately spring to mind! However, yoga has transformed into the exercise for everyone, and a new study shows that it can significantly reduce the ache of chronic back pain sufferers. [widget class="text" id="16"/] The Ancient Eastern practice was taught for […]

Earlier Americans Killed Mastodons!

American’s initial population has been subject for debate for centuries. One theory suggests foreign discovery, while others believe Native Americans came to be by crossing the frozen Strait that separated 2 lands before our country was known as America. They were known as the Clovis people; a group of early settlers dating back 13,000 years […]

Nearly 17 killed by car bomb near Iraqi city of Hilla

At least 17 people are said to have been killed by a blast that took place at about 17:30 (14:30 GMT) at a funeral near the Iraqi city of Hilla. Security officials say that there are dozens more wounded. The explosion, a car bomb, had occurred outside the Nabi Ayub Shia mosque in the town […]

Oil Traders To Face The US In Oil Price Manipulation Lawsuit

The US has slapped three firms and two traders with a lawsuit over allegations of price manipulation for the commodity crude oil. The accused are said to have doctored the pricing for crude oil by-products back in 2008 and this new move has sparked speculations over the imposition of trading cut-offs as stipulated by the […]

Indiana Governor Not Running For 2012 GOP Presidential Ticket

Mitch Daniels, Indiana Governor, on Sunday morning announced that he wouldn’t be running for presidency, citing concerns from his family members whose wishes and interests were his most important determinants.   The governor stated that he’d managed to resolve all other considerations regarding his presidential candidacy save for just one, which was the wishes and […]

April Unemployment Report: Jobs Increase, Joblessness Increases

The much anticipated Labor Dept. employment report for the month of April posed a contradictory finding in stating that 244,000 jobs were added in April, while the rate of unemployment also increased from 8.8 percent in March to 9 percent.   The employment performance in April marked the 3rd month in positive job increments amidst […]

Southern States In US Hit By Deathly Tornado

About 180 people lost their lives in America’s Southern region after the area was struck by a string of turbulent storms and tornadoes that left a great amount of carnage and damage to property.   The affected regions include Alabama (Birmingham, Tuscaloosa) – where nearly 130 people lost their lives; Mississippi – where over 30 […]

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