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Tidal waves triggered by Japan tsunami triggers

An earthquake with a 6.9-magnitude struck off Japan’s Honshu island triggering baby tsunami waves. It brought back traumatic memories of the 2011 Fukushima disaster. The quake struck Fukushima at about 6 am triggering initial warnings of nearly 10 foot high waves. Fortunately, the waves that hit the coast were much smaller. A tsunami warning was […]

India’s first interplanetary spacecraft heads to Mars

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM),  India’s first ever interplanetary spacecraft fired its main engines early Sunday morning and took off Earth’s orbit on its journey to Mars. The MOM, also known as Mangalyaan is set to cruise for 680m km (422m miles) on its 300-day journey, and is expected to reach its target on 24 […]

23 killed by suicide bombings in Beirut

At least 23 people are reported to have been killed by 2 suicide bombings that took place on Tuesday near the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon. According to Lebanese Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil about 146 were wounded. Lebanese officials are said to have security footage of an individual wearing a belt with explosives running towards […]

WHO confirms 10 cases of Polio in Syria after 14 years

The U.N.’s health Agency declared on Tuesday, that it confirms an outbreak of polio in Syria. This is the first outbreak of the disease in Syria in 14 years. 22 children were affected with acute flaccid paralysis, which is the symptom for a number of different diseases, out of which one is polio. 10 were […]

Yes, the legendary Titanic Violin is authentic, Tests Reveal

One of the most poignant moments in the 1997 film Titanic that followed the real events of 1912, the fateful date when the great liner sank, was the recreation of Wallace Hartley and his musical entourage, playing those mournful final notes even as the ship edged closer to the watery abyss, and claimed the particular […]

Kindle Fire HD vs iPad

Lesson on the meaning of Civil Disobedience, as Poster Girl Mona Eltahawy leaves Jail

One of the reasons that the term ‘poster girl’ has come into fashion is the appearance of Mona Eltahawy, a writer with the Guardian who spray-painted a NYC subway advertisement that depicted Semite views that Muslims are savages. One may be asking who could ever have let the advertisements see the light of the day […]

eReaders eclipsing printed books in the United States

One of the more novel chapters that readers may have to contend with, in their book-thumbing pleasures, is that the printed word may be a thing of the past if the current eReaders tide can serve as a guiding light. Findings in the US show that the average ardent book lover in the country will […]

Stiff competition as new eReaders slated for the market this fall

Even as the announcements of shipments of the latest Kindle Fire that came out recently settles down, makers of eReaders elsewhere are striking back with even more tantalizing offers. What’s the best ereader? There are many different opinions on this, but according to many, this is the best ereader even though it is not exactly […]

Amazon Reaches Out To Nokia As A Mapping Partner For Their New Kindle 2

Amazon has announced a planned partnership with Nokia for the development of mapping tools for its new Kindle Fire model which is due for release early this September. Reports by Reuters are affirming that the new Kindle Fire, already given the unofficial name of Kindle Fire 2, will forfeit the much more widely known Google […]

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