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Australian family sets world record for Christmas lights

A family'Happy Holidays' in Canberra Australia has set a world record for putting up the most number of Christmas lights on a residential property, for the second time. David Richards and his family won the same title in 2011 when they put up 331,038 fairy lights. The record however was broken in 2012 when a family from New York put up 346,283 lights but Richards was determined to win the title back. This year his property has been decked with 502,165 Christmas lights, setting a new Guinness world record.

The glowing reindeer, loud music and over 31 miles of wire with the 502,165 lights is attracting lots of publicity and hordes of visitors but the good tidings are that the money raised from people visiting will be donated to children’s charity. Hundreds are said to have visited already.

It is also said that the cost of keeping up the lights for a month, amounting to about £1,400, had been donated by a local power company. The setting up of the lights had taken the family nearly a month.

“I just love Christmas,” says father-of-three David Richards, when commenting about his victory. “Having the Christmas lights with the community coming in and sharing it is a time when you get to know people you probably should know better, I guess,” he adds.

As reported in the www.dailymail.co.uk his neighbors are not too pleased about the Christmas din and some have not even spoken to him since their last record in 2011. Nearly 70,000 people had visited to see the Christmas lights in 2011 and the family had been able to raise £44,000 for charity. Mr.Richards’ wish is to raise £56,000 with this year’s display.

“It actually helps a lot of families who have put up with an amazing amount of grief. That makes it all worthwhile to me,” he says.

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