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Amazon Reaches Out To Nokia As A Mapping Partner For Their New Kindle 2

Kindle-fire2Amazon has announced a planned partnership with Nokia for the development of mapping tools for its new Kindle Fire model which is due for release early this September.

Reports by Reuters are affirming that the new Kindle Fire, already given the unofficial name of Kindle Fire 2, will forfeit the much more widely known Google Maps and instead partner with the Finnish telecom giant Nokia Oyj’s mapping utility tools for the new mapping app. Nokia is a force to reckon with in the mapping utility world having acquired a Chicago based company, Navteq in a 2007 multibillion (almost $9B) deal. Bing Maps, the Microsoft Mapping service also signed a sharing of unified map design agreement contained in a broader strategic partnership with Nokia. Analysts have also placed a lot of emphasis in Amazon’s interest in the NYC based 3D start-up UpNext, raising speculation that 3D geographical renderings could also be in the offing.

Kindle Fire 2 has generated a lot of vibe in the techie grapevine and many are waiting with abated breath for the much awaited Amazon press conference with the hope of corroborating the street talk or the eager curiosity of a more sneak preview of what Amazon has been jealously guarding before the official product launch at a later date. There are reports however that the picture published by the Verge and purported to be that of the new Kindle was leaked by Amazon themselves. The validity of this report however could not immediately be established but either way, it has already got the streets talking.

This announcement comes in the wake of talks of a new Ipad Mini that is rumored to be priced within the same range as the Google Nexus 7 tablet. The two, in addition to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab products, are the foremost competitors of Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

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